All the elements.

Yesterday I was getting pelted in the face by razor sharp snowflakes, and today I was trudging through massive amounts of heavy mud. Oh, the joys of a Utah winter! You never know what you’ll get. 

I love the winter skies. You get such cool colors and those in contrast with the warm colors from the earth create such a beautiful backdrop.

I’m always so grateful for time to spend outside on my run. I make it a habit to stop for any and all picture opportunities. My intention is to be immersed in the beauty of the outdoors and enjoy the fresh winter air. 

I’m very lucky to live a quick ten minutes away from Utah Lake, and there are some of my favorite trails there right on the shore. 

I have a secret spot that I always go to. It’s a perfect thinking or pondering spot. It was extra perfect today with the sound of the water washing up on the shore, and watching the clouds change and morphe into different beauty. 

I hope you found a way to take in the fresh air and get outside. Maybe you even managed to get to your “secret spot” too? If you don’t have one, find one 🥰.

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